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下面例句选自一篇考研图画作文范文,主题是讽刺滥用简化字(simplified character )的现象。图画描述一个“展销会”的指示牌被简化成了“尸销会”,两名过路人受到惊吓、当场晕菜的场面。图画作文的首段往往要求进行图画场景描述,范文的开篇就有了这样两句话:
The picture shows two people reading the announcement on a billboard, and being shocked at the message. This is because the billboard is advertising a “sale of the dead bodies”.
(11/26/2010 00:00:00) [查看全文]
Scattered through the seas of the world are billions of tons of small plants and animals called plankton. Most of these plants and animals are too small for the human eye to see. They drift about lazily with the currents, providing a basic food for many larger animals.
Plankton has been described as the equivalent of the grasses that
(02/19/2008 09:58:06) [查看全文]
As is illustrated in the picture, a student is excessively fond of computer game so that he can not see anything suddenly. Accordingly, the fact that students being on the rise spent their spare time playing computer games such as CS has aroused great concern and should be given enough consideration. There is no doubt that its symbolic meaning t
(02/19/2008 09:58:04) [查看全文]
If the salinity of ocean waters is analyzed, it is found to vary only slightly from place to place. Nevertheless, some of these small changes are important. There are three basic processes that cause a change in oceanic salinity. One of these is the subtraction of water from the ocean by means of evaporation--- conversion of liquid water to wate
(02/05/2008 08:16:36) [查看全文]
The preservation of embryos and juveniles is a rate occurrence in the fossil record. The tiny, delicate skeletons are usually scattered by scavengers or destroyed by weathering before they can be fossilized. Ichthyosaurs had a higher chance of being preserved than did terrestrial creatures because, as marine animals, they tended to live in envir
(02/05/2008 08:16:33) [查看全文]
Directions 11
Suppose your friend Ellen is going to graduate from Fudan University and get a Masters Degree. Write a letter in about 100 words to congratulate her. Do not sign your own name at the end of your letter, using Li Ming instead.
Dear Ellen,
How delighted I am
(02/05/2008 08:16:33) [查看全文]
Directions 1
Suppose you have been a private tutor of Mr. Wangs daughter for two years. But now you are going to graduate and so you recommend your friend Lily who is a sophomore to take the place of you. Write a letter to Mr. Wang in about 100 words. Do not sign your own name
(02/05/2008 08:16:32) [查看全文]
As food is to the body, so is learning to the mind. Our bodies grow and muscles develop with the intake of adequate nutritious food. Likewise, we should keep learning day by day to maintain our keen mental power and expand our intellectual capacity. Constant learning supplies us with inexhaustible fuel for driving us to sharpen our power of reas
(02/05/2008 08:16:30) [查看全文]
Examinations Exert a Negative Influence on Education
    We might marvel at the progress made in every field of study,but the methods of testing a person's knowledge and ability remain as primitive as ever they were. It really is extraordinary that after all these years, educationists have still failed to devise anyth
(02/05/2008 08:16:29) [查看全文]
Parents Are too Permissive with Their Children Nowadays
        The child' s happiness is al I-important,  the psychologists say, but what about the parents' happiness? Parents suffer constantly from fear and guilt while their children gaily romp about pulling the place apart. A good old-fashioned spanki
(02/05/2008 08:16:28) [查看全文]
How influentital the Media on Teens Are
    It has been a hot topic discussed heatedly for the time being that how indeed the media influence our teens. Different peopie  come  up  with  different opinions. The following passages are two different comments given by several  teenagers ranging from 15
(01/30/2008 14:31:48) [查看全文]
Motorcar a Boon or a Menace ?
      The use of the motorcar is becoming more and more widespread in the 21st century. Possessing a car gives a much greater degree of mobility, enabling the driver to move around freely. The car owner is no longer forced to rely on public transport to get about. With the build
(01/30/2008 14:31:44) [查看全文]
    Even the most complicated computer man has yet built can't compare in intricacy with the brain. Computer switches and comportents number in the thousands rather than in the billions.What's more, the computer switch is just an on-off device,whereas the brain cell is itself possessed of a tremendously complex inner struct
(01/30/2008 14:31:40) [查看全文]
What You Dtdn t Know about Money and Happiness
        ver the past 15 years,researchers have studied the connection between money and happiness. Their findings shatter many misconceptions. Here are five of the most surprising results.
    1. Everyone needs a few luxuries to be happy.
(01/30/2008 14:31:38) [查看全文]
Problems Created by the opulatton Explosion
      This sudden increase in the population of the developing countries has come at a difficult time. Even if their population had not grown so fast they would have been facing a desperate struggle to bring the standard of living of their people up to the point at which t
(01/30/2008 14:31:26) [查看全文]
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