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Halloween is expected to scare up record sales this year as more adults -- and pets -- join in what was once mainly a children's dress-up event, filling a void before the key Christmas shoppin
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根据国务院办公厅有关通知精神,今年端午节放假时间为6月7日~9日,共3天。其中,6月7日(星期六)照常公休,6月8日(农历五月初五,端午节)为法定节假日,6月8日(星期日)公休日调至6月9日(星期一)。不能停止生产和工作的单位放假办法,由其上级主管部门研究确定。 According to the notice of the State Council General Office, the Tuen Ng Festival holiday time this year for June 7 to 9, a total of three days. Which, on 7 Business as usual sabbatic
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Love is starting out with nothing but love.
Love is speaking her language.
(07/19/2012 00:00:00) [查看全文]
1. My entire day is spent to take care of her.
I believe any sensible person will be tired of this kind of life, and will say I'm
stupid.But I've long been used to it…
2. Why should I cook breakfast for he
(07/19/2012 00:00:00) [查看全文]
1. Why should I report all the dishes to her?
  Because she cares about my health more than I do.
2. Why does she need to reach me at any time?
  Because she cares about me more than I do.
3. Why should I help her as much as I can?
  Because I am the only one who was needed by her.
5. Why shoul
(07/19/2012 00:00:00) [查看全文]
1. Why? Why?
  Why should I have a girlfriend like that?
  Other girlfriends are so obedient.
2. I was asked millions of times!
No answer. Or maybe I’m reluctant to find it…
(07/19/2012 00:00:00) [查看全文]
1. I see her off to work after a satiable breakfast
2. Forced to recite the departure lines in front of a crowd
“Do you know how much I miss you?”
“How cold the world would be without you!”
(07/18/2012 00:00:00) [查看全文]

1. Every man has a girl friend, and I have no exception.
2. My girlfriend is tougher than other girlfriends.
3. I have to get up at 7 every morning to prepare breakfast for her.
 4. And gently wake her up, making sure it is after her sweet dr
(07/18/2012 00:00:00) [查看全文]
Former British prime minister Tony Blair proposed to his now wife Cherie while she was cleaning the toilet during a holiday in Italy, according to a new television documentary.
Cherie Blair told BBC television that the future prime minister popped the question in 1979 as she was tidying a villa in Tuscany.
"I'd cleaned the toile
(07/18/2012 00:00:00) [查看全文]
1. 经评估,他是个疯子。
After examination, we believe he's psycho.
2. 他也是疯子。
He's also crazy.
3. 他一向任劳任怨,骂他也从不还口,他总不是个疯子吧。
He's been working hard and never shouted back. He's not psycho, isn't he?
(07/18/2012 00:00:00) [查看全文]
1. 人生可以选择的事情太多了,
There are so many things in life you can choose.
You can choose what kind of work you want to do.
2. 你可以选择这样的爱情或那样的爱情。
You can choose how to love.
3. 你可以选择这样的生活或那样的生活。
(07/18/2012 00:00:00) [查看全文]

1. 我想开了,我宁愿做爱情的奴隶,也不要做工作的奴隶。
  I've already thought it through. I'd rather be a slave to love than to work.
2. 我也是,人生苦短,为何要葬身在工作里。
  Me too. Life is short. Why should we bury ourselves in work?  
3. 哦,亲爱的,我们买完了。
  Hi, honey, we're done.
4. 唉,看样子,不先做工作的奴隶就很难当爱情的奴隶...
  Alas, it
(07/18/2012 00:00:00) [查看全文]

1. 你推荐什么?
What do you recommend?
2. 如果您月入四万,我推荐吃鸡排;
If you earn 40 thousand a month, I will recommend chicken;
60 thousand a month, steak; 100 thousand a month, definitely lobster.
3. 如果我月入不到三万呢?
What if I earn le
(07/18/2012 00:00:00) [查看全文]

1.Don't think about what the company can offer you.
2.But think about what you can do for the company.
4.what I can do for the company is to waste my life for it,
(07/18/2012 00:00:00) [查看全文]
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